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Full Version: No updates until you STOP
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Right there will be no new updates to ANY of our sites until:

1) Members stop sharing passwords
2) Hackers stop there work
3) People STOPĀ uploadingĀ our videos for FREE to tube sites.

When this actiivty STOPS we will consider shooting new content.

UNTIL THEN it is not worth it.

So people you need to start attcking these people on forums. They have spoilt it for you all.

Call them CUNTS and threaten them with violence.

Even better track one of them down in their homes and beat them up. Really hurt them...hospitilise the cunts.

Post photos when done and we will update again.
Ok today we had:

2 users sharing usernames
more films appearing on tube sites

Until activity like this stops we will not be updating!!!! Abuse it you lose it #simples
Right hackers just did it NO UPDATES!!!You people need to get on forums and stop them sharing videos for free and hacking.

This site will NOT BE UPDATED EVER AGAIN until this stops. So over to you guys...attack these people on them out...they have ruined it for need to sort them out.
Happened will updates until you STOP!