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How to get around age verification
Punters have you noticed that has introduced an age verification system. Now sometimes when you want to see a cam girl it says you can only do this if you have age verified. Well here is a simple way to get age verified without giving any of your own personal information, taught to me by a 16 year old who often uses the site lol.

When you press age verification here are the options:

Choose one of the methods below to verify your age...
1. Buy Credits using a credit card
2. Send an SMS from a mobile phone with access to 18+ services - UK Citizens only
3. Use an independent 3rd party age verification service - UK Citizens only
4. Supply ID and become a Verified Member - has many benefits for service providers

Chose Number 3. It will say this:
The process is simple and secure...
Provide your details securely and discreetly to the Intelligent ID Gateway.
Intelligent ID check the Electoral Roll, confirming you to be over 18.
A simple YES or NO is passed back to

It will ask for your full name, address and birth date. Now you have to chose somebody that you know who is on the electoral roll. In the case of the 16 year old I know he chose his mates dad - he knew his full name, address and birth date. He entered this info and before he knew it he was age verified on adultwork. Simples.

I tried this myself and used the name, address and date of birth of an ex girlfriend. This worked fine for me - even though my profile on there says I am male!

So that's how to get age verified on without giving them any personal information about yourself.

Hope this helps fellow punters out.
Wow thanks for sharing this.

Just goes to show you how age verification does not stop under 18 year olds from viewing adult sites. Looks like the UK government / ATVOD need to re-think their strategy!

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Do you know a way to delete a profile that someone is using ?
For example someone set up a profile for me with my pics, they now hold the log in and password so I can't access the profile! I need to delete it so I can be my own boss and not have him benefiting from my profile


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