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Message for Gareth
Your email does not work, so we are posting reply here:

1) We do not remove films from the web we have company to do this so you need to complain to them.

2) The website's we own often win awards for Best Reality Porn. There are no scripts. Only porn films made in USA have scripts.

3) We don't have employees. We hire film crews as and when needed.

Get you facts straight "Gareth" - btw are you really a girl?

The following has been submitted on by:

Name: Gareth

Stop filing claims against The revolting Joanne Mjadzelics interview .Cant
you see the very reason it is being spread it top expose that pig for what
she is! By the way she claims online that it was "scripted" so
that makes the camera guy (YOUR employee) look like a paedophile... think
about it!

End of message
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