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Lolly Badcock escorting?
Hello guys,

I came accross to the below profile in AW

Apparently the lovely Lolly is into escorting. Does any one of you knows if this profile is for real? It seems to me quite odd that she will ONLY see members that had viewed her Prvt Gallery. Its only one credit but im not so sure this profile if for real.

Besides, all the profiles under this group had the same rule.

Can any one of you give some light on this?

given that is clearly the same person coming up with all these profiles, none of whom have feedback, i would very much doubt its really Lolly

looks a scam to me - why the hell would 4 pornstars be living in londonderry?
I spoke to somebody today who knows Lolly very well and they said they think this is a scam for sure. They are 99% certain she is not escorting.

What makes me laugh is adultwork will allow scam artists like this and yet they delete others who have feedback and are obviously genuine.

El Zorro you should report this account as fake to the adultwork admins. I bet they won't delete it and will just say it's long as they are making money they don't care.
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I'll Jay bro!!!

I kind of knew it was a scam. But a big part of me really wanted this profile to be truth coz Lolly is one of my favorites girls from the babe channels. Too bad!!!

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