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Question re: Punting with couple
How many of you punt with a couple?

I have filmed couples a few times and every time I have done so, the guy in the couple has said he is bi and does not mind doing stuff with the other guy.

Now I used to think hmmm that's a bit weird, can't imagine any punter would do that!!! But I'm not starting to think punters do dabble in this bi stuff.

Doubt anybody would be prepared to come on here and state they do but would you be interested in seeing a filmed punt where this goes on?

Only reason I ask is I have the chance to film such a thing over the next few weeks IF (and it's a big IF) I can find a punter who will be filmed doing bi stuff.

So before I go to all the trouble of finding a guy i was wondering if there would be any interest or will Members feel "Good heavens NO I don't want to see that stuff...".
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I have to admit it's not my thing Jay and would not watch it. But I am only one person. What I do like about your site and your attitude is that you are willing to cater for your members. This gives your site a more community feel. keep up the great work mate.
Hello Jay,

I would love to watch something like that and did a punt with a Sheffield couple a couple of months ago and it was awesome! Keep it going mate!!

Dave Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
Thanks for the feedback guys. 1 for, 1 against. Interesting stuff. Keep the comments coming!
UK Escorts
Real Escorts! Real Sex!
Like was said above, different ideas are great - certainly not my cup of tea, and given you are looking for volunteers Jay, I'm guessing not yours!
I wouldn't even do parties (unless the ladies were mindnumbingly awesome) as the idea of a guys cock near my face gives me the boak!

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