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Pornstar Escort Chantelle Fox
(03-03-2012, 01:42 PM)coventrypunter Wrote: having never shagged a pornstar (Except Karolina who has starred on RP) are they really worth the extra cash? Or are u paying for the fact you are shagging a pornstar?

Some are, some aren't. I've shagged Jewels a couple of times at LMP and she is very good. I'm visiting Leah Lixx later today so I'll let you know how i get on - and of course, I fucked Peach of this site fairly recently.

But to be fair, all of these are porn actresses rather than porn stars. I'm told that some porn stars are just completely divorced from the process - because they are acting - so you may get energetic sex but not the (temporary) emotional/physical involvement that makes for great sex!
Chantelle fox is absolute quality! x

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