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Full Version: Films with Escorts / Brothel scenes
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So I was sitting with the family watching the film "In Bruges" and up popped a scene where a dwarf had hired a prostitute. It then switched to a scene of the two hit men sitting with the dwarf and two prostitutes (now in their underwear) in a hotel room doing drugs.

Just got me thinking what other films feature escorts or brothel scenes. Does anybody have a favourite scene?

Obviously there are films all about escorts / call girls but I'm thinking more along the lines of regular flms which feature scenes of them when you did not expect it.
There is Jamie Lee Curtis who is a hooker in Trading Places, and there is the 2 hookers in Crocodile Dundee, Simone and (I think) Karla. Simone looks well fit - the late Caitlin Clarke.

I think there have been a few hooker storylines in eastenders.
From Blackadder. F = Kates Father and K = Kate(bob)

F: Yes Kate, I want you to become a prostitute.
K: Father!
F: Do you defy me?
K: But indeed, I do. For it is better to die poor than to live in shame
and ignominy.
F: No, it isn't.
K: I'm young and strong and clever. My nose is pretty. I shall find
another way to earn us a living.
F: Oh, please... go on the game. It is a steady job and you'd be
working from home.
K: Goodbye father. I shall go to London, disguise my self as a boy and
seek my fortune!
F: But why go all the way to London when you can make a fortune lying
on your back?
LMAO Big Grin Blackadder is brilliant!
JLC get norks out in trading places
Just saw "The American" last night in which George Clooney's character visits a brothel and falls for working girl Clara. Nice scene of a brothel. He ends up dating her as well.


Lots of brothel scenes in PERSONAL SERVICES starring Julie Walters
there's a brothel scene in young guns 2