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Full Version: Photogirls using fake pics?
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I was just wondering if many people have used photogirls, and if they are legit.

I ask because i was looking through their gallery and came upon a girl named Charlie whose pics are of a girl called gisele, who does adult webcam, i once asked her if she does escorting and she said no.

I asked her about a couple years ago, but i still don't think she does.

Anyway this makes me think twice about using photogirls, so just thought i'd ask anyone who has used them recently, how it went?

Below is the link to the girl from photogirls:

and here are some pics unblurred of Giselle:
Does not surprise us. We just talked to the person who films for this site and he said they once sent a girl to him who did not even escort lol.

Mind you they supply girls to UK porn industry so they do have all the porn girls on their books.
I know that they had a reputation for using fake pictures when they started but I believe they have cleaned up their act now. I've used the agency 4 or 5 times including meeting Audrey Bitoni and Tori Lane and I've never had any problems.

Although it is my belief that not all agencies meet all the girls before taking them on and sometimes "fake" pictures get used in good faith. Not saying that this is the case here, as I don't know if this agency meets their new hires or not. All I can say is in my limited experience they have been genuine.