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Full Version: Head Office in Stoke
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Just passed by Stoke today and had a crafty little punt at Head Office. Regulars will know this is probably the best parlour in Stoke right now IMHO.

Two hot girls on today:

Louise (blonde)
Adrianna (brunette)

Hard to chose between the two, but was in brunette mood today so opted for Adrianne. Great girl, awesome blow job and nice tight pussy.
Good punt at a nice parlour. Defo recommend it.
Hi I am thinking of going to Head office sometime for abit of sex, however it will be my first time, going with an Escort, and my first time sleeping with a bird, as I am Gay and I know I fancy guys but I really want to know if I could be bi incase I have been missing out on some real good pussy all these years, can you tell or can anyone tell me how much do they charge, I hope its not too much as I only work part time, not my fault though times are hard in whatever job you do these days, also can guys go there in trackie bottoms or joggers, and do they shove their hands down their kecks while they are waiting as soon as they first arrive there! Many thanks, new member, I hope I dont offend anyone by posting this reply or sending this post lol!