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Full Version: £10 - Full Contact Lap Dancing Party - £10
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Once again IndulGents will be holding a night of Pure Sexiness... And it's a Summertime Special for ONLY £10 ENTRY!!!

This event will take place on Friday 30th July 2010 from 8pm - 2am @ our usual Aldgate East Venue.

Our range of Beautiful Exotic Dancers will be in attendence just for your pleasure and at this event there will be...

* Free Floor shows throughout the whole night by the Ladies.
* A Tantalizing Buffet which will be served, just to help hit the spot.
* A full range of Stage Show Extravaganzas
* Some Very Private Booths where you and the girl of your choice can spend some intimate alone time together 4 the dance of your life!


Come an soak in the ambience of a lap dance party that you'll really enjoy!

To book yourself (+ Friends) on the guestlist call/text Sidney on 07908 529 146 or email your names to:

So we can forward you the address & BOOK YOU A DATE 2 INDULGE TILL YOUR HEARTS CONTENT!

For more details please visit: [url][/url]

See you then Wink