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Full Version: Young (Very slim) girls?
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Does anybody have any recommendations for 18 - 25 year old girls, very slim? Size 6 - 10?

Most of the reliable girls I know are a bit bigger. See lots of young slim Romanian/Foreign girls on AW but not sure I trust them, they never have feedback or if they do it seems to be for another girl.
Which city are you wanting the escort in?

Also are you OK using an escort agency or does it have to be independent escort? And what about a massage parlour or incall escort place. Would that be OK?

Ah, of course. The area would be Manchester or within 20 miles of Manchester.

I found this girl today, might give her a try:
Have you looked at

All of them look worth a punt and Lauren has been on RP too!

Let us know how you get on
That profile I posted (and tried) was a scammer and she'd already deleted the account. Arranged to meet, when got there told that another longer booking asked for my time so I would have to pay another £100 if I still wanted the same time. Suspect it was a ploy.