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Full Version: The Nottingham Escort Thread
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Just wondering whose hot and whose not in Nottingham Escort scene at moment? Feel free to post links!
hey jay, been a member of RP a few times before and i gotta say your run a good site!

well round nottingham is always a good punt,

obviously theres the agencys, abc seems to go a little quiet but they have got two new girls eva and merci who were both on escortsnottingham

ashley formerly of abc is now chelsea at feline and they have a few girls im aching to see, hopefully will be this weekend too, such as zoe, lucy and hanna

ive got a few girls on AW that are worth a mention

Faith is an really nice girl who also works for harveys. or

pretty keen on seeing this girl but theres a queue of girls b4 her haha or

theres also i saw her about a year ago and she was pretty darn good but i know someone who saw her and said she was just ok

well if i think of any others i'll let ya know

Great post Dan.

ABC - no comment for fear of incriminating myself lol (Hi Lyn Smile)

Chelsea - no comment for fear of incriminating myself...
Hanna - have seen her and she is superb. Very affectionate. In actual fact she caught me out by snogging me so early on in the booking and being very touchy / feely. Good OWO, has a great body and responds better than Chelsea and Emily in the bedroom. I think I made her cum twice. So defo recommend her to you. Here's the link everyone:
Not seen the other 2 from Feline you mention, but Zoe looks hot Heart

Thanks for the a/w recommendations. might check them out.


Haha, im definatly not saying ABC isnt still good, in fact ive been using them for years now and theyre still my favourite agency just that i wasnt too keen on the girls lyn had up, personal preference i guess.

I've heard many good things about Hanna and she's going to be my next booking, in fact se came highly recommended by Chelsea herself and if all goes well with Hanna i may even treat myself to a birthday duo with those two.

Zoe has just disappeared from the site, so i guess we wont be seeing her unless she pops up on another agency or AW.

I would really recommend Faith, she has an amazing OWO, made me cum far too fast haha but luckily we went for round two soon after that

wow, went to see Hanna from feline today and well she was amazing!

you were bang on about the touchy / feely part Jay and i think i made her cum a few times too, either that or shes a damn good actress haha

would highly recommend to everyone.

That's great you got to see Hanna Dan.

Yes she is really good. Now let's just hope Feline does not get struck down with the same "pregnancy" issue that has stopped 2 ABC girls from working recently.
Hey Jay, talking about Nottingham....
I'm seriously considering to go and see Megan Coxxx
She only does outcalls, so I'd need to get a hotel over there. Any recomendations?
I dont want it to pricey but I dont want to be in a yunkyard either.
My budget could be anything between 50 to 80 quid... or maybe I can rent a flat form 2 hrs???
(08-30-2010, 12:46 PM)El Zorro Wrote: [ -> ]Any recomendations?
I dont want it to pricey but I dont want to be in a yunkyard either.
My budget could be anything between 50 to 80 quid... or maybe I can rent a flat form 2 hrs???

If you go here:
You will see a great summary of prices / types of all Nottingham hotels with links to book them!
Thanks mate!!! Any one tha you'd recommend?
(08-30-2010, 01:19 PM)El Zorro Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks mate!!! Any one tha you'd recommend?

In the price range you mentioned out of town I'd say the Belfry. In town I'd say Holiday Inn Express or Crowne Plaze.
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