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Full Version: Porn protest to shock Westminster with mass ‘face-sitting’ and fake sex
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Around 500 people will descend on Westminster and pretend to have sex on Friday in a shocking protest against ‘censorship’.

#PornProtest plans to boggle the minds of MPs with a ‘Sex Factor’ gameshow and an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for, um, ‘face-sitting’. But why?
Well, the protesters (and lots of other people) have got hot and bothered over new restrictions on what pornography can be made and sold in the UK. On December 1, the Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014 (AMSR) banned a whole host of legal acts from UK pornography – from Fifty Shades of Grey-style naughtiness like bondage and spanking to more extreme acts. This is on the grounds that they could encourage people to take part in risky activities at home – including, some, like ‘face-sitting’ that it sees as “potentially life-threatening”.

Charlotte Rose, Sex Worker of the Year 2013 and the woman behind the protest, says: “These laws are not only sexist but they taking away people’s choices without consent. Personal liberty is what we are fighting for on Friday which no one has the right to take away from somebody else.” Charlotte first became involved in the adult industry as a bondage model at the age of 17. She worked briefly as a dominatrix before taking a break to start a family and gain a degree. She returned to sex work as she wanted to “make a difference”, and now works as a sex therapist: “I help people with little or no experience in sex, the elderly and disabled and also couples have healthy sex lives through the teaching of sex skills and I love what I do.”

#PornProtest is not Charlotte’s first foray into activism. As well as being a highly-respected sex worker, she is also a seasoned political campaigner.

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