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Full Version: Porn site’s suits name ‘worst’ New York City pirate’s IP addresses
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One of the Internet’s premier producers of “beautiful erotica” is trying to make New York City porn pirates pay. has unleashed around 80 suits naming the IP addresses of individuals who the company says downloaded its “upscale” high-def porn using BitTorrent. “People are not mindful of the time and energy invested in the creative work,” said the site’s attorney, Jacqueline James. “We have skin in the game and that’s not a pun!” She added that the site only targets “the worst of the worst” who download loads of the site’s porn over a short time.

Documents filed in Manhattan Federal Court charge that from 2013 to 2014 a New York City user at IP address downloaded 62 movies, including: “She's a Spinner,” “Then They Were Three,” “Come Inside from the Cold,” “Yoga in the Sky” and “Awe Inspiring Orgy.” On Dec. 27 of last year, the user allegedly downloaded X-Art's erotic version of the classic, “A Christmas Story.” The barrage of suits do not specify the amount of damages X-Art will demand, but James said copyright infringement statutes allow for damages up to $150,000 per stolen skin flick. A recent case in Pennsylvania resulted in damages of $2,250 per pirated movie, she said.

Using its corporate name Malibu Media, X-Art files the most copyright infringement suits in the country, according to an article last year in The New Yorker. The company hires an investigative firm to track the IP addresses of computers that downloaded its porn movies. As the trial proceeds X-Art seeks a subpoena ordering the Internet provider to reveal the identity of the user. The majority of suits end in confidential settlements.