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Full Version: Terry Stephens aka One Eyed Jack
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Want to know the funniest joke in the UK porn industry at the moment?

Terry Stephens aka One Eyed Jack is now calling himself "The Porn Enforcer" on Twitter.

Well the rumour was he always wanted to be the policeman of the UK adult industry. In his own little mind his dream has final come true.

Good luck with that Mr One Eye. Remember when you tried to police the industry on health issues? Yea that went well didn't it.

And another funny thing is Terry Stephens constant PR that his awards are defo not, no, no...honest.

Yet he cannot explain this. Last year I knew one of the people in a category. That person was obvious the best in that category and all of us in the industry knew he would win.
A month before the date of the awards he got a call from Terry Stephens asking if he would be attending the awards. This person does not like that stuff so he said no.
What happened next? Suddenly he came in second.

Oh yes Mr One Eye no fix there then...even though you posted on a forum saying if people will not attend they are not going to win.
What a fucking joke you and UKAP are!!! Spouting one thing...doing another...back stabbing cunts...always were...always will be.
Thanks for the emails and messages of support guys but I don't care if Terry Stephens is posting about me on some other forum. In fact quite the opposite as I have heard from the guys in Cyprus (who own this site) that sales this week have been off the scale. Terry Stephens is making money for me and the people I work for. So keep posting Terry!

Some of you have told me he is complaining that he can't get hold of me. This is a lie. Anybody in the UK porn business can easily get hold of another persons number just by asking the people they have worked with recently.

As I see it if you are "The Porn Enforcer" and want to act like the police then you need to be able to track people down. I mean if you can't even track a former associate down you are not much of an Enforcer are you? It just proves once again that he is not going to get anywhere with his "Porn Enforcer" persona. He is deluded as usual.

This latest episode started because one of his UKAP cronies posted saying a certain sex event was not legitimate. I sent a tweet to the guys who run the event saying you should defend yourselves. They replied these idiots should know we are legitimate as it is ETO magazine behind this. I agreed and then "The Porn Enforcer" jumps down my throat for it. I just showed them up for the idiots they are and they don't like it. Typical of UKAP most of them are old, fat men who don't know about email and "modern technology" like that. It would be funny but these guys think they run the UK porn industry. They are a danger to themselves and the industry.