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Full Version: Bristol UKIP candidate John Langley is porn star
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A UKIP local election candidate has worked as a porn star for 40 years, it has been revealed. John Langley, who is representing the party in Bristol's Stockwood ward, said he is an adult entertainment industry veteran who owns a production business.

He said he was "happy to confirm" reports he had appeared in and produced a number of X-rated films. A party spokesperson said UKIP was aware of Mr Langley's other profession and supported him.

Mr Langley said: "I'm exactly the same as anyone else. On one side I have my performer side, and on the other I have my normal life. We in UKIP represent the ordinary working-class person who will go to the pub, they will read The Sun and they will look at adult entertainment. There are those who will be judgemental and that is their choice."

Mr Langley said he thought party leader Nigel Farage would support him and recognise his commitment "to standing for his community".

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