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Full Version: ATVOD Makes 1st Decisions Over Rule 14 Violations
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Two BDSM providers in the U.K. face fines after they were found to have breached the new Rule 14, which outlaws video-on-demand websites from containing content that would be denied a British Board of Film Classification certificate. Glasgow Mistress Megara Furie and Mistress R’eal, the BDSM providers who were subject to a probe by ATVOD, both offered content on

ATVOD in December launched the Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014, which was announced with great outcry by members of the adult entertainment industry in the U.K. The new regs forbid U.K.-based online adult operators from distributing content that includes acts of female ejaculation, spanking, fisting, water sports, full bondage and other types of strong explicit content.

“These are the first rulings we have made under the new statutory regulation which came into force at the end of last year and which were the subject of a lively and well-covered demo in Parliament Square,” ATVOD CEO Pete Johnson told XBIZ.

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