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Full Version: Businessman pays porn star £5m to be ‘exclusive’ to him for 15 years
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A rich businessman has reportedly offered a porn star £5million to be ‘exclusive’ to him for the next 15 years, in a move that would have made Richard Gere’s eyes water in the hit 90s movie. We could only remember Edward (Gere) offering Vivian (Julia Roberts) a shopping spree and a couple of thousand dollars (and, of course, his love) but one incognito Chinese millionaire has gone a step further.

The porn star in question is 22-year-old Rola Misaki – also known as Takizawa Rola – who is half Russian and half Japanese.

The pair have recently attended events together in the Chinese capital Beijing, with the man wearing a mask to hide his identity according to reports in the China Record and the Tokyo Reporter.

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£5m for porno star: Actress denies being paid to become mystery businessman's sex slave

A PORN star says a story she had agreed to become a billionaire's sex slave for 15 years is a lie.

Sexy Rola Misaki, 22, an adult actress from Japan, reportedly agreed to end her career in the porn business to strike up a lucrative "relationship" with a mystery money man in exchange for £5million.

But starlet Rola – who appears under the screen name Rola Takizawa – has denied the deal ever existed.

Writing Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, she said: "The report is completely incorrect."

Despite only making her adult debut in 2012, Rola currently has more than 4.8million followers on the social networking site.

She is thought to have met the mystery man at an event in the Chinese capital of Beijing.

The pair were spotted holding hands on stage - but the mystery Great Gatsby-esque man wore a mask to conceal his identity.

But an insider in the entertainment industry in China also confirmed the deal was a hoax.

"It was a publicity stunt, he wants to be famous, and he used her name and a false report to do it," the insider said.

The mystery man in question – known only as "diligent older brother" – also admitted there was no truth behind the story but didn't comment on whether it was a PR stunt.

It had been reported that Rola was to serve as the personal assistant of the man, who is believed to work in China's entertainment industry.

Rola, who is half-Russian, was one of the most popular porn actresses in China.