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Full Version: Direct your own RealPunting scene
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Yes guys you can now get involved in organising & directing your own RealPunting scene. 

Suggest an escort & punter you want to use then:

1) For £500 - you tell us what you want to happen and we will film it for you. 
You will receive your own personal copy of the edited film with Writers credit!

2) For £750 - you get to do the above & attend the filming with hands on Directing & Directors credit.

3) For £1000 - you get to do the above and get a private session with the escort after the filming.

Payment required upfront. You can easily pay with cash app:£JayKRealP

OR via OSU:

Interested? DM us on twitter: [url=][/url]

or contact us via our new website:
Yes you can be a Director of your very own porn scene.