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Full Version: Meghan Labelle and Isabella Bangs of Rugeley, Staffordshire
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Meghan Labelle and Isabella Bangs of Rugeley, Staffordshire
Time Spent: 1 hour
Date: Saturday 2 March 2023
Place: Incall
Price: £120 for 15 min duo blow & go, £300 for 1 hour duo, £400 for 1 hour trio.
Description: Meghan: Sexy, curvy, anal queen. Isabella: curvy, sexy milf. Full on sexy ladies with great bodies & lovely personalities.

After several failed film punts the RealPunting team saw an advert on Twitter for a two-girl punt with Meghan & Isabella in Rugeley, Staffordshire. A quick call to Meghan (who we have filmed twice before) and the punt was easily arranged. Punter Tony could not wait for this one.

Upon arrival at Meghan's incall place in Rugeley (near a train station & with plenty of free parking right outside) Tony was greeted at the door by Meghan in her lingerie ready to go. Fucking hell...instant hard on. He was shown upstairs and met the lovely, sexy Isabella also in lingerie. Tony just knew this was going to be one of the best hours of his life.

The ladies suggested they start off with a lesbian show and they even had a chair ready at the end of the bed so Tony could make himself comfortable while he watched. Meghan and Isabella snogged each other. Isabella got her tits out and Meghan sucked her nipples. Meghan was soon touching Isabella up. Always great to see two ladies go at it. “You turn me on so much” said Meghan. “Such a sexy bitch” replied Isabella.

Meghan licked Isabella out. “You're so fucking good” said Isabella. “Would you like to taste this pussy?” Meghan asked Tony. He did. Meghan fingered Isabella and got Tony to suck it off. Nice. Meghan got back to work with her tongue. “You gunna make me cum soon” said Isabella. Meghan suggested she lick Isabella's bum hole out while they use a toy on her pussy. They did just that. These two are full on! What a great start to a duo punt.

It was soon strap on time and Meghan decided to fuck Isabella. Wow is Meghan good at fucking another girl. Isabella moaned with pleasure. “I fucking love it” she said. These two ladies sure know how to put on a hot, sexy lesbian show. Tony was well turned on by all this action.

“Need a hand?” asked Tony. The ladies were definitely up for him joining in and they started off with their signature double job. Many guys cum at this point. Meghan on her own can make you cum in 30 seconds and adding in the sexy Isabella just makes it even more likely you will blow you load. Luckily for us Tony managed to control himself.

It was now time to fuck. On with the condom and Tony went for Isabella first in doggy. Meghan made sure Isabella gave her a good licking while Tony fucked her. Tony enjoyed Isabella's pussy for a while before changing condom and fucking Meghan in mish. Isabella egged him on, touched up Meghan's clit and kissed Tony as he fucked Meghan. Fantastic stuff.

Tony continued fucking Meghan but they changed position so she was now on top riding him hard. Meghan is great at riding cock! Isabella sat on Tony's face – smothered by two women what a great way to go!

It was now time for anal sex. Isabella does not offer anal so she played with herself using a toy. Tony struggled to get in Meghan's bum at first. Meghan explained she had not been fucked in the arse for a while. Some more lube soon did the trick. Once in deep Meghan screamed for Tony to pound her arse. Meghan finds it easier if you pound her bum hard and fast – she can take it easier that way. Tony duly obliged and nearly shot his load early in the process. Meghan's arse is a delight to fuck. The noises Meghan makes are great as well!

While Tony took a shoot break to recover the ladies played with a double ended dildo. He was soon ready to fuck again. Meghan blew him and applied a condom with a mouth (her party trick).Tony then fucked Isabella in mish while Meghan snogged her.

To finish off the session Tony shot his spunk into Isabella's mouth and she snowballed it into Meghan's. Brilliant ending to great punt. Highly recommended.
Meghan did say they can tailor these duo's exactly to your needs – want to be tied up and forced to watch? Want a sissy session? Want another lady – trios available. Just discuss you needs and they can forfill your fantasy. Enjoy guys!