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Full Version: Primark Punting
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Now I've spent £500 on a punt so I'm no skinflint, but I couldn't resist this offer - just come back from a meeting with a lady in Newcastle you can fuck for £15.

I went for the more expensive option of £30 for 30 mins which included full service with the option of filming which I accepted Wink

Was she fat, ugly or old? Nope, young, attractive and a very nice body - boob job not to my taste, but no matter!

Check her out British Steele

It defys logic to me you can get a shag from a girl who would charge you just as much for a shorter lap dance in Newcastle!
There's quite a few £30 quickie punts about.

Hard times, summer holidays and most importantly of all, a lot of EU girls have come in and offer lower rates.

I saw a girl called Sandy.Love here in Birmingham last week at £80 for an hour. She was amazing. Very beautiful and chatty. Definitely not under duress as she was asking me if I knew of any other areas she could try and tour. She says she comes to the UK for 4 weeks and then goes back home for 6-8 weeks. She is back mid-September.