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Full Version: ABC of Nottingham Closed?
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Just seen this on the ABC website:

ABC Latest News
Abc is now officially closed
ABC is now closed and won't be re-opening after the Christmas holidays ...

Time for me to retire and hang up my stockings and whip. Thank you for the many years you have given to me.

Merry christmas every-one and A Happy New year

Mind you I seem to remember Lyn saying this once who knows?

I hope not as which other agency is going to let me date their girls? Ha! Ha!
Just seen Chanelle and Grace ex-ABC now working on this site:

NEWS FLASH: This site is also and WHOIS info says it is registered to Lyn so it would seem she has started up again!
Hmmm websites seem to be off line now. Who knows what's happening! Huh
Just heard some disturbing news about this.

Word on the street is that three Nottingham agencies incall flats were trashed in one night by the owner of a fourth Nottingham agency.

More disturbingly one flat was in use at the time. The punter fled, but the escort was bottled in the face.

With this kind of thing going on in Nottingham I can totally understand Lyn's decision to close her business. Shocking.

what was the 4th agency? Name and shame so we know to avoid.