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Full Version: Jessica of York
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Found this interesting article regarding an escort who has been caught blackmailing a client. The link is here:

Her website seems to be offline or shut down due to this on going case. Her link is here:

Don't know if anyone has had a punt with the girl in question.

Stay vigilant people...


Blimey...thanks for the heads up. Nasty stuff.
Hi Jay,

Just an update. It looks like, along with her boyfriend, are going to be spending some time in the company of HM prison. Sentencing is due on April 27th.

Probably continue doing incalls hey...

Wow thanks for the update.

At least the killer boyfriend was remanded in custody. The streets of York are safer for that.
Hi Jay,

Just an update on this case. Jessica of York escort (real name Emily Anne Akers) & her boyfriend have been jailed for 12 years between them for blackmail and conspiracy to steal (from a punter).

Read about it here:

Her mug shot does her no justice. Proper munt...