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Full Version: Interesting chat with an escort yesterday about the state of business
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Saw a girl in Coventry yesterday who is from the Czech Republic.

She has been over a number of times in the past and has caught my eye but had other targets at the time.

This time she had an offer on of 40 quickie, 50 half hour and 70 for the hour (which is what I went for). Her normal rates were 40, 70, 120.

She is a very open and chatty girl. From the moment she opened the door she talked non stop, not in a nervous way, just a natural chatty girl. We overran by 20 minutes by talking.

She was complaining that she sees an average of 2 guys a day when she tours now at the lower rates. She dropped her original rates as other girls in the area had done so on her last trip and she saw hardly anyone. She said that a up to a year ago she saw 'many, many more guys than now!'

So what has changed? Is this the 'squeezed middle' taking effect? Is it a case of saturation with so many more girls available? Are guys dubious of girls at £70? Bait and switch which happens a lot over in Coventry (although she does have 5 feedbacks on her profile).

From what I have heard it seems to be the cost of living / recession that's having an effect.

Escorts have told me that before they used to be busy all the time, now they find some weeks it's good and some weeks it's not.

Whats the link to her page pal ?