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How ruined this website
If you listen to they will constantly talk on social media about how great there are and a "business partner" who will help your business grow.

Well we are here as a case study to show how CCBill ruined our business and sent us into administration.

This is what they did:

1) Early in 2018 they email to say we need to update our servers if we want to continue processing with them.
Simple right? Just update them. Wrong it requires a server change for all our sites - a task so bad that not one developer wanted to oversee this project.
So we had to do it ourselves. It took 2 months (during which we had double the normal server bills), new developers working on fixes across all the sites,
basically thousands of dollars.
2) During this server change CCBill email us to say "you cannot link to escort websites" due to FOSTA" - a law designed to prevent trafficking. We argued & explained 
to CCBill that we are not involved in trafficking ans that the websites we link to are already approved by mastercard / visa. In fact the main website - - is
one of Visa / Mastercards biggest customers! They make $$$$ from that site.
This was all to no avail. So now we had to hire a webdeveloper to go through by hand and change all our links. Total bill $4,000.
3) Meanwhile we could not update as we do not know if we would be able to process transactions. Sales dropped. We took out loans to cover this period. 
4) Unfortunately we could not pay the loans on time. CCBill stopped paying us.....bankruptcy and adminstrators. 

Nobody would buy the sites over. Thanks CCBill - you were great at destroying a perfectly good small-sized buisness. If we were it would not have happend.
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