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The People who destroyed
Here is a list of All the People who destroyed :

1) The processors - CCBill and Epoch - for refusing to let us link to sites! Isn't linking to sites a big thing on the web. How come we are responsible for sites we link to? Surely they should be asking Mastercard and Visa to look closely at and see why they are processing for that site. Us linking to it is not going to change a thing...

2) Mastercard for you $500 yearly fee on top of the 20% you take on each transaction - total rip off

3) The guys hacking the site and sharing usernemas - yep hack all away now as there will be no more - twats.

4) The people who paid and then shared all the footage for FREE on tube sites - yep well done you destroyed the site for others. If you see one of these guys bragging about it - punch them for us!

5) The tube sites who claim they cannot notice copyrighted content being uploaded. errr OK then we are that backward AI ain't ever going to happen if you people are doing it right? #Thieves #liars

6) The escorts who wanted £1,000 to do a "porno"

7) The escorts who no showed on us.

8) The guys who said they wanted to be in a film then let us down - badly in some cases on the day of filming!

The list goes on....

But thanks to the few who did support the site and pay for content and to the escorts who allowed us to film.

UK Escorts
Real Escorts! Real Sex!

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