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Joey Longwood - Fake Male Performer
This guy contacted us on Twitter but it soon became apparent he was a faker / time waster.

Claims to be 40yo living in Warrington / Burton on Trent. Claimed to have own car (but then said is was in garage and so could not drive).
As for experience this is what he said:

"Yes I have shot a limited amount of porn before with various girls and some minor production companies. I have also been filmed many times for bukkake parties and so on. I can definitely perform with the cameras rolling!"

Interestingly we asked him for a cert before booking him and he did send one but this is fake as well.
This cert said "Darren Higginbottom, 66 Monk's Place, Warrington WA2 7DX"

Guys if you try this trick you will be listed here as well! Photos attached.

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